Thursday, 19 April 2007

Deans Birthday party

The big saturday showdown

My turn for a day in the kitchen, saturday night, the best meal that Halley has seen...but it wasn;t this saturday but i did my best and nobody choked on the olives so i was happy. Three courses for 17 people takes a bit of planning and you know how i love to plan things in advance. Nice apron though.

well i have to say the colour of this fellow had nothing to do with my food. At least i hope not.

As it turned out it was the comm;s managers birthday and so the theme was cartoon characters. so who is this????

then we had somebody with a box on his head and a face like a cat.

we all know who these are?

tamsin the turtle, as ever battling to save the planet or her beer.

mmmmm, a smurf, can anyone guess the other? standing outside at -30 for 10 minutes can make you this colour. Don;t try it at home.

hey its that guy with a box again and a guinness but can he dance?

And last but no-way least, the group as a whole....since i was spending many hours during the week deciding what to cook and prepare for saturday's meal then i didn;t have much time to prepare a costume, yeah right, so i picked up what i could and went back to prehistoric times...


americanguhl said...

love the fro and your hairy nipple...prehistoric suits you. but i still have a crush on spongebob.

americanguhl said...

oh! ...and good to see you so hard at work!

lainyathome said...

good to see you are having a good time was the beer cold enough

lainyathome said...

like the pinney, hope to get a nice meal when you come back with all your cooking skills.

americanguhl said...

you need to update your blog!!!

what do you do with all your time?

Muse said...

what's with spongebob and the porno? lol