Wednesday, 5 September 2007

pub crawl and rocky horror show

-35oC pub crawl

make sure you wrap up well is the first item. Forget about the make-up, high heels and handbags it will not be needed but extra thermals and woolly hats are a must...All drinks must be kept warm at all times otherwise they may freeze....

first place to visit is the sat com studio...large open space, boxes for seats, echo's off the walls. After this was the melt tank, once again no heating provided so wrap up well. Then it was over to the CASlab (1km) to warm up a bit and listen to the hum of the instruments over the music.

the caslab

then the simpson building for a drink followed by the weatherhaven for the blimp. Here the rave was at capacity of about 10 people. Others then moved onto the piggot for warmth before finally heading to the ice cave.

The ice cave, home built with seating and specialised lighting. Capacity and number limited.

the rocky horror picture show, and alex's birthday, what a sorry sight we are...

the time warp, lets do the time warp againnnnn....its just a jump to the ..... and a step to the ........

alex's decided these had been in his cupboard far too long


Muse said...

ice cave, hmm you know there are actually places in the world that have ice bars and charge a bundle!

Great looking party, which one is Dr Frankenfurter? hehe

You have more fun in the middle of nowhere than i do in the middle of everywhere!

kayos said...

You are enjoying make-up far too much!

Debra said...

love the idea of you intoxicated and happy and chillin out in an ice cave... and...uh...the red suit is ...snug and sweet and a very lovely color. good choice.