Monday, 5 November 2007

hair today gone tomorrow

Facial Hair:

what is it all about?

well it started when the last person left the base in the previous summer and it finished when the first people arrived for this summer season. It has kept me warm and frostbitten free for the year and has been my companion and loyal friend over the dark winter months. Just like the moon and the stars in the winter time it shall be sadly missed. Will it ever return, we'll never say never....

well the end had to be the more combs, no more split ends just a simple wash and dry


Debra said...

do the photos represent options? i'll put my vote in for look #1...can you glue it back on?

Red said...

You've been reading "1001 Beards" again haven't you?!

Red said...

PS Now you've completely removed the beard in stages, what about the hair??!

Susie said...


You got all hairy !

Ok - so when are you coming to NZ then ?

Muse said...

omg i love all the transitional shots - especially the biker I have to say the long hair and beard was suited you, it reminded me of all those 70's and early 80's movies with scientists with the shaggy hair and beared (like in "Iceman". The scientists not the caveman. although....)

You clean up real nice - and I bet it felt really weird when all the facial hair was gone!

Muse said...

still looking for more female scientists around camp? hehe

kayos said... look like Bruffy's kid brother!!
K x

wardy said...

i only cut my hair cos it's going grey, have you finally got a grey hair after all these years
all the best for xmas + new year