Sunday, 4 December 2011

Route to Halley

The Elusion left Cape town at 1130 that night, and arrived at 0600 at the russian base, NOVO. The Elusian is a bit like a cargo plane in that all the luggage is stored just behind you, and the toilet is a porta-loo that is strapped down, never used it so not sure what state it was in. Earplugs and sandwiches are handed around pre take off and the movie is on a screen at the front with no sound so you can imagine the noise and comfort and every seat was full. An hour before landing people rush to the pack to egt their bags and get their antarctic gear out because when we land the temperature will drop by about 40 degrees.

 A russian snow vehicle for people and baggage transport.

 The ALCI DC10's ready for take-off. Ski's attached for a soft landing providing that the contrast is good. They carry up to 18 people but on our flight only 3 people with a shed load of other construction equipment.

Accommodation and shelter at NOVO(russian base). Only stayed a couple of hours before we took off to Neumayer (German base) and then on again to Halley. There were 5 of us from Cape town but we then split into groups and left on different days for Halley. Thank god we were the first to leave, there is nothing worse than hanging around someplace you do not want to be, So after 13 hours of large and small comfortable planes with constant earplugs in we finally touchdown at Halley to a small crowd of welcoming people.

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