Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Travel Home

Leaving the winterer's to defend for themselves as the Ernest Shackleton moves out from its mooring against the ice shelf out into the sea.

 Whales spotted off the ship. They always seem to appear in the sea ice area where the food is most likely.

                                             Polynea forming, a mesmerizing sight

 The ship is taking some pounding as it crosses drakes passage. The troughs and crests were huge and the ships motion but me in the cabin for a few days. The food which was normally excellent didn't appear so appealing at times.

 The two berth cabin that i shared with Chris Martin (facilities). I am not sure which of us held the record for the longest time in the bunk but i am sure it was close.

                               Meeting the JCR out at sea before the the swells came.

Safely arrived at the Dock side after a rough and turbulent sea crossing, never again until the next time that is.

                                   A one arm selfie on the way back after the fishing trip.

                                                             Catching a few mullet

Good old Falkland islands and tumbleweed and winds and rain. In the early morning it was raining and now in the afternoon this.

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