Monday, 6 February 2017

Heading home Rothera bound

 Getting ready to fly out of Halley with 4 others at the end of January. The twin otter sits on the Halley runway. The temperatures starting to drop as the sun gets lower.

 Flight over the macDonald rumpoles where the Halloween crack was observed in October 2016.

 First stop on the flight to Rothera is the Ronnie ice shelf where the  i- BEAM team awaits a drop off from the ES shackleton which is having a tough time of maneuvering through the dense pack ice.

                                        Now at Rothera and Snowboarding at Vals .

 Doing the loop with nordic skis around the Rothera flag line. Three hours of great ski-ing and near perfect weather.

                                          Rothera from the traverse towards Vals.

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