Wednesday, 24 January 2007

relief from the ship

Arrival at the ice. We are still another 50 km from Halley and so the work begins unloading the ship with the cargo and instruments and then loading with waste etc. This can take upto about 10 days depending on the weather. Shifts of 12 hours begin. A night shift beckons

A snowcat and sledge. The sledge can carry upto 8 tonne and sometimes are pulled 3 at a time.

What can happen??????stuck in the snow, but help is at hand.

The challanger.......

As robert frost would say, a road not taken .......

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lainyathome said...

some great pics,were the baggage handlers on strike. Accomadations looks cooooooooool,and the cook must be an alien to be cooking burgers in a teashirt or is this a film set x