Sunday, 31 December 2006

fun on the ice


Its time to leave the ship and go onto the ice shelf.
A basket picks us and drops us on the ice.
After more than a week stuck to the confines of the ship it feels good to be able to stretch the legs and walk on "solid land" again. Even if it is only 2 metres thick with icy (-2C) water below us.

A bit of fun with the camera and some ski goggles.

Mock crevasse rescue with ropes and ice axes. All part of the training for the week long winter holiday trips into the unknown.

One thing that will be happening lots and that is driving the skidoo's around base. Time here to find out how to start and ride one on the snow. Not so easy when you can barely distinguish the snow from anything else.

Our first emperor penguin but definitely not the last.


kayos said...

Hi Neil,
Excellent set of new pix. Happy new year and take care.

lainyathome said...

happy new year iceman some more lovely pics keep them coming. The weather back here is plus 3. Take care

big sis x

Enda said...


Great to hear from you after so long, good to see you haven't succumbed to the rat race

Salsaspice said...

HI Neil

Happy New Year mate!!


Cant wait to see pix of the first Salsa gig on the Antarctic.

Stay Safe

Jack x

wardyorcarole said...

Happy new year Neil from me David and the kids. Great pictures can see you're enjoying yourself.Hope to see some more.Take care
Lil sis x

Mark_Hol said...

Great Pics Neil, they look fantastic..

Looks like the abundance of Ice means you won't have to pop to the corner shop to keep the White wine chilled.

34c here in Sydney, and the bloody aussies beat us again..bummer! Katrina and Ethan r doing fine..

Take Care, and watch out for those ferocious seals :-)

americanguhl said...

where did you go?

americanguhl said...

have we - your beloved viewing audience - been shunned for the sake of scientific discovery?

Debs said...

Hey Dude!
Great pix, especially the one of you being munched by a fur seal - most humerous!! looks like life is good down below (phnar phnar). After you left the lab they split me and Dave up so no more Tergo Cricket (boo hiss boo) take it easy and more biting shots please!!