Tuesday, 27 March 2007

party days

The MELT TANK party...who hasn't been to a melt tank party? Well, when all of the summer staff leave after there hard work and sweat we all relax and enjoy the splendour of the melt tank with a few beers. The melt tank is actually where they shovel the snow for there water in the summer so best not to tell them what we do after they have left....

Not to worry it is thoroghly cleaned out afterwards....how many do you think we can fit in there? we;ll this year there was 13 and most stayed in until the sun went down which of course it didn;t so they made there way home in the early hours

Daves birthday party with a fancy dress 80's theme.

This is where it starts with a button moon showing the directions to other cities in the world, alas none close by, SF far far away.

Costumes, so what do they have on base that typifyes the 80's for me....well it would have to be modern romance

quick change into miami vice, forget the blue hand....

the met babes

the whole gang of winterers with a couple missing of course, can;t get everyone to join in all of the time.


kayos said...

Love the new blog pics Bruffy, and look, I am the first one to comment!!
Blue lace gloves? Something u want to tell us mate?

americanguhl said...

ooooh!!! fuzzy! what exactly happens with so many scantily clad scintists in a melthouse?? distant, yet not remote. love the blue gloves...hows the red nose?