Saturday, 3 March 2007

The setting sun

The sun goes down for the first time since i arrived. Its a special moment for all those staying for the winter.

The long days of bright light will get much shorter now the sun has disappeared and with this the temperatures will drop.

Already it is -15C. The sunsets are spectacular in their clarity but this is not one of them.
The sunrises, well one will have to get up early to see them.

The walks to the lab do not get any shorter but they sure help to clear the stomach of any undigested food. I'm getting fitter by the day, i wish i could stop eating all those cream cakes....

A game of pool in the evening to relax. There is also a dart board, many board games and a swimming pool and sauna (joking!!!!). There is a gym with all the usual fitness items and a climbing wall, a small one with just a few holds. A TV, cinema, common room all in one.
A library that would keep a bookworm happy.

The chef picks out some of the food for the next day from the storage area. This has to last for many months or it is ration time for all of us.
It rarely comes to that although we do run short of certain items.

One of many good, clean, fresh antarctic condition days. The snow actually sticks to the teeth in these conditions.


Anonymous said...

neil ,I still think you are gorgeous

americanguhl said...

is this the time when compelling imagery becomes difficult??!! ...what to do with all that space...
and is that a flav-a-sava you're sportin???