Wednesday, 30 May 2007


The dancing veil

Gliding, glittering, greens, gracing the blanket sky,

Growing, grafting, grounding the night air, -32 just hue,

The dancing veil covers the sky,

Jupiter and its mooning children are hidden for a brief time,

captured in the misty green veil that flows aloft like smoke in a breeze,

hidden like birds in the trees.

Eternity beckons, earth comes a calling, the telephone rings and the dancing begins,

The shepards sit upon a burning bush, fire rages, earthquakes abandoned,

the sky is alight by the dazzling witch,

who covers the sky in the most translucent mist,

Gathering up her web of decite,

she blinds the mind in veil of kind,

The cold is forgotten, the trumphet blares,

the sound dimishes and the veil declares,

I am the goddess and show my might,

I come here to wander and to take your sight,

I fell in love, captured with awe, for the dancing veil has come once more.

It leaves me gasping, dying for breath, I feel its pull, its shudder its test,

Amorous, lofty, high up above,

This night of shadows and dances alone,

has extended the lease to all of my bones,

we dance when merry and sing out a tune

we love to play in the glare of the moon,

the winter gets deeper, the temperatures drop,

and the dance of the veil will it never stop.

A magnificent dance, a piece of class,

Next to the laws and under the masts,

Above the caslab and around the Piggott,

She dances happily for now and time past.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had the eloquence to describe how your photo of the aurora dancing across the night sky makes me's as if my soul fires up, expands into every fibre of my being, sending tingles coursing through me into my very fingertips. I can feel it vibrating with passion, intensity, longing, a whole range of emotions I can't describe. How much more stupendous and awe inspiring it must be to stand beneath that beautiful sky and watch it with your own eyes, to feel the air around you and to listen to the sky's song ....

americanguhl said...

so beautiful...

so hopeful.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow.

You lucky, lucky dog !

Hope you have a high pixel cam as photo's like these would look awesome blown up!


Anonymous said...

These photos are amazing! What an interesting experience to be in this environment. I can only imagine what it must be like. Well, this blog helps too!

Anonymous said...

hey pedro! nice picture's,their brilliant and that ode... well suck out in that c.a.s lab? hope your all well.