Thursday, 10 May 2007

sun at halley

sun dogs

sun down

sun gone


americanguhl said...

sweet dreams sun.

Marin said...

this is as every dream i've ever had.
well almost all.
every one where we must run, or snowboard to some final and epic destination, and it's all ending and there's something very important we are sliding to.

i've always felt it was the key to our existance. now i know. it's your home.
silly colorado girl.

Marin said...

may i also say... oh god i want to be here.
no matter how terrifying any dream that led to this location... the feeling was always the same.
so terrified

i just want to be there.

B A R T said...

Are you heavier in Antarctica? Is there more gravitational pull since there's less centrifugal force...
I mean, is there less centrifugal force?

I have loads of stupid questions.

kayos said...

Those skies still don't beat the ones over Marchon!