Thursday, 13 December 2007

Twin otters and skijeoring

The twin otter arrives for the summer dropping people and eqipment off at various sites around the continent. With the arrival of this, other planes have also arrived and the base is now flooded with 60 people although when the ship arrives this figure will go up to about 100. How will we all cope??????

At least i have my little laboratory to go to....

the summer snow storm has left a lot of digging to be done.

Skijoering around the base is something that is usually done in the summer time when fresh snow is a plenty and temperatures are a little warmer. Preotective gear is essential as you shall see later. Skiing i believe is much harder than do than snowboarding although both require practise and technique. You can see in this photo i am doing really well, moving from side to side and covering much ground.

We'll that was until i found my ski's sliding apart and the inevitable fall that occurred shortly after...ouch!!!! that was the end of the day's lesson and i think i will stick to skiing without the skidoo for the future.


Red said...

Ouch!! That's got to have hurt - do you still have all your pearly whites??

Muse said...

well are any of those 60 peope women? lol Well your dres up parties should be more interesting

Muse said...

all those people must be keeping you busy - no interesting posts as of late!