Saturday, 26 January 2008

The Shackleton arrives at Halley

The Earnest Shackleton arrives once again with the incoming cargo for the new build, Halley VI and the replenishment of stocks on the base. Here it is moored against the sea ice at creek IV.

The relief took about 7 days to complete, with everyone on base performing 12 hour shifts for the duration.
cargo sledges are used to ferry food and material to and from the base.

with the ship came extra people, building the base up from 17 to 100 in a matter of weeks. The base no longer felt like home but a place of work.

A day off, a cold fresh and clear day and a ski to the 4Km marker.

The new build begins.

one of the pods for Halley VI which will be built over the next two years and situated 12 Km south east of the present base.

Halley VI workers take a moment to reflect and enjoy the scenery.

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Muse said...

i see you have been busy! Tell me why food must be shuttled in when you could built a biodome and grow you own food? lol At least that's what they always do in the movies ;-)