Monday, 7 July 2008

Independence day

July 4th celebrations.

The day began with a fancy dress parade with floats. Flags were flown. There was a mixture of people at the camp, 2 british, one canadian, one german and a french guy. The other 27 were from various places in american.

Each group made a float. This was the staff and there fraternity float.

This is the pink PIG where we move the clean water to the main building.

the girls taking a relaxing ride.

The boys trying to go faster on the back of skidoos.

dear oh dear what have we here!!!!!

Romans and countrymen.

wow its cold!!!

max and steve pulling a Doasis dummy.

The sat camp scientists dressed as things from the sea 

dancing the night away or at least trying to.

come on jake show me how it's done.

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