Friday, 4 July 2008

Antarctica to the Arctic

Denmark and copenhagen.

This was the first stop on the way to the arctic. It began with an early morning flight  and staying in one of the small hostels close to the city centre which caters for about 150. There is one in the city centre that caters for a 1000, i think that one would be a little crowded.

Lots of churches, historical sites and an old fort to wander around.

Some of the streets definitely have a colourful feel to them. This corner property was covered with flowers (azaleas?).  Denmark was recently voted the country with the best quality of living. 

Down on the docks the streets are cobbled and lined with schooners and restaurants. The houses painted
 various colours to brighten up the dull days.

me looking like an idiot in the botanic gardens. Didn't realize that flowers and plants could be so interesting ;-)

yellow flower

purple flower

Part of a local city centre park. Copenhagen is surrounded by them. Time to get out the picnic.

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Muse said...

I think that's the first time i've seen you around something other than snow... I've been away awhile so catching up on all your adventures