Thursday, 31 January 2013

Chile to Halley, Antartica

Flight from the UK to Brazil, onto Santiago (Chile) and finally arrive at Punta arenas where we get to sleep and eat for two days before our flight to Rothera (BAS penninsular base, Antarctica). The weather in Punta was warm and wet. Perfect conditions for a long run along the sea front before dinner.

First night in Punta with DJ a bottle of wine and tortillas

                            A walk around the city, lots of neatly shaved shrubbery

                           Touching a foot of the indian supposedly brings good fortune

city life

A nice king crab salad for starters 

Followed by a huge steak and fries, nort sure how my running will go with this :-)

Our transport to the Antarctic Peninsular

Some of the scenery

Wildlife at Rothera Research base

icebergs in the bay

Penguins (Adele) making out

Rothera Research station 


Halley Research station

                                              Long walk back to base after work

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Anonymous said...

Up where you good to see you smiling BB. Hope you are well and happy. All my love, love, love.