Sunday, 30 November 2014

From Capetown to Antarctica 2014

Some colorful houses in Capetown's kloof

 Some snoek and hake at at Haut Bay

                                         Atmospheric research station at cape point

                                         A day at cape point and a walk on the beach.

                                                         Downtown Capetown

            Ostrich burger with a lime and guava smoothly at the Royale eatery on long street.

                                         The V & A in Capetown waterfront

                  Camps bay and clear sandy beaches with ice cold Atlantic waters

                                                and lovely seafood restaurants

                                                 Capetown's company's garden

       Inside the Russian Elusian on a 6 hour flight from Capetown to Novo (Antarctica)

                                          Arrival at Novo on the Antarctic continent

The next stage of the journey

 Off one flight and directly onto another 5 hour flight to Halley on an un-pressurised Basler

                                        Halley Research station from the air

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