Thursday, 19 February 2015

Halley 2015

 The littleduckproject, ducks enjoying the cold and the scenery from the snow looking towards big red .

            Seems like i have grown a few hairs overnight, i hope it doesn't carry on.

         I built a lego model of halley and wow doesn't it look the same....mmmmm

   A day out to the coast (creek 3) with some ice climbing and a few penguin spotting opportunities.

      Relief of the ship and cargo handling....a few barrels of oil being transported

                            Sunday morning footy game

Time to go private I
        Flight from Halley to Rothera due to the ship not being able to get through the sea-ice
                                                     Basler flight to Rothera station
                                                               Lazing around
                                          The JCR awaits and the 4-5 day cruise
                                                         Luxury cabins for 4
                                  On our way to Punta Arenas for the long flight home


Carole said...

Owhoooooooo..... There's a werewolf on the loose

Kim said...

Some beautiful pics here, Neil! From what I could glean with the spotty internet here at South Pole anyway.
Good luck with your season! :)