Sunday, 24 February 2008

Time to leave Halley

Halley in the summer.

bright sunny days and sundogs created by the crystals in the blowing snow.

A view of Halley from above.

The plane finally arrives to take us further east and then after a brief stay at novo (russian base) we move to a larger plane and the final flight to capetown. Arriving capetown sometime in the middle of the night.

Then it will be views like this for the rest of the year, oooppss, nope i have to go back to work at somestage, lets not think about that now it is holiday time.

I have had incredible Antarctic moments with midnight walks with only the stars for company, camping out in the white wilderness, falling into a crevasse and ice climbing out, feeling the cold chill all the way through to the bones, the terror of a full blown storm that lasts for days and not knowing where it came from or when it will end. I had an awesome experience of co–piloting a twin otter over the brunt ice shelf, seeing just a white desert of snow, riddled with gigantic crevasses and pressure ridges. Now, even though there are only days left before I leave here and my daily thoughts are of sandy South African beaches, exotic fruit, fresh colours and long hot baths, if I am lucky there might also be some rain, I know that this place, this beautiful and amazing continent will always remain in a special place in my heart.

The future
well it looks like i might be heading to the north pole this June so watch this blog space.....


lainyathome said...

hi broth sounds like you got some wonderful memories that not many people will have to treasure. hope to see you soon x

Anonymous said...

Hey you,

Tried to send you an email. Did it reach you?

You were so glad to see the sun in Cape Town... already dreaming of the North Pole again ;-0

Manon (remember?)

bruffonthebrunt said...

yah yah i email so try