Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Bird Island (south orkney islands)

Male fir seal on the move. They have sharp and large incisors, very sharp!!!!

The island has 1000's of seals that cover the jetty and the doorways of the buildings. Broomhandles are used to defend against attacks.

Bite on the leg from a male fir seal that was hiding under the jetty. It came out and took a bite whilst i was collecting cargo. Think it liked the orange colour of the overalls. I hope the seal survives, my blood may be a bit too rich for it!!!!!!

A few stitches needed. Happy to know we have a good doctor, richard, to take care of us all!!!

Overlooking the buildings of bird island which are surrounded by fir seals.

Macaroni penguins nesting on the islands, there are over 14,000 all nesting in the same place. They have yellow hair, the punk rockers of the penguin world.

Colony of macaroni's and an orange figure in the foreground.

The largest bird in the world "the wandering albatross" over 12Kg in weight and over a 3m wing span. They are truly magnificent and so pure and clean....beautiful!!!! All nesting and breeding on this island.

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americanguhl said...

Sweet Jesus!! you were bitten by a seal...on land!! you would think we would have an advantage with legs and all. be safe. use protection.