Wednesday, 13 December 2006


After leaving Stanley the sail through the drake passage and onto to the antarctic peninsula (south Orkney islands) was much quieter than anticipated. Only 30 % of the FID's felt the need to stay in their cabins for most or all of the day. The light winds that crossed the bow of the ship had a breath taking chill to them although comfort could be found in the sheltered parts. More layers of clothing were definitely needed.

The Signy base is set in a cove on the island and consists of about 4 buildings and accommodates about 8-12 people. It is a summer base only and mainly deals with scientific insight into penguin life. The ship docks about a kilometre out to sea and transports food, goods and people by sea crafts. Namely the Tulla and FRC.

Humping and dumping of hut materials for the replacement of one of the huts was the task for the day. Elephant seals hidden within the cargo are not so easily moved.

the first sight of icebergs around the coast and a colony of Adelle penguins with young at Gourley point.

the second type of penguin on the island was the chinstrap due to its clear chin markings. Both types of penguins nested within the rocky enclave and were ever so watchful of the skuas which would steal their eggs or young given half the chance.

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lainyathome said...

pics look really clear and lot of penquins,only been gone a few days already been bit,what you like anothe scar to add to your collection. well keep pics coming bro nice to see where you are and what you are seeing.

elaine x