Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Stanley wildlife

A skua drifting alone and aloft on the high breeze.

some type of duck/geese feeding on the land???

ducks splashing about on the cold clear crystal waters.

A Magellanic going for shelter in its home.

The penguins at gypsy cove (Magellanic) which nest under the ground on the hillside of a grassy cove.

A colony of Gentoo penguins at Bertha's point

Penguins at Bertha's point near to where the ship is docked.

Gentoo penguin on its nest on the ground with its young in between the sheep and fairly close to the beach.

me with the Gentoo penguins

a walk home from the colony along the beach with a beautiful sunset....soft sand through the toes, the things i will miss!!!!!!!


cheesy_pete said...

Given that you are surrounded by so many birds no wonder you're smiling Brough. Glad to see some things never change!

Jon said...

Neil, birds, just need some wine to complete the holy trinity..

kayos said...

Great pics Bruffy, keep us up to date. All the very best.

David said...

I reckon there's a future wife to be found somewhere among that lot. On your return, you could move in with her to a zoo. Like your old place, maybe.

americanguhl said...

are penguins edible?

bruffonthebrunt said...

depends on how strong your adversion to fish is i suppose