Sunday, 31 December 2006

ice and last sunset

Floating ice fields with the sun setting over the horizon. This was the last sunset. Now the sun will not dip below the horizon and we will be in 24 hours of sunlight for a while. Does anybody know what time it is?

Icebergs are now part of the scenery, all shapes and sizes fill our eyes. Amazing to witness them floating alone in the vast ocean. When the wind blows the temperature drops and still suntan lotion has to be administered.

A vast mass of ice sitting on the surface invades our space for as far as the eye can see, in some parts over 3 metres thick.

Can we get through it???????

No way through for the ship.
I think we will have to wait for a while until the ice blows away with the wind. No one knows how long that will take but if we keep trying to break through we will run out of fuel and have to return to Stanley.

Its Christmas time and the mulled wine and mince pies are available.

Xmas carols sung by the masses and heard only by the unfortunate ones. What a terrible din?????
It might help to break the ice around us that keeps us stuck in this harsh environment.

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