Tuesday, 5 December 2006


Travelled for 24+ hours on flights to Montevideo with united airlines via Washington. Lots of airport stops and security checks but made it to Monty with the other 35 people that were on the flight with BAS.

Boarded the sailing vessel known as the Ernest Shackleton(shown opposite although this was taken in the Falklands) and then went into Monty for a beer with Patricia (strange name for a beer i admit) and some food. This is definitely not the Paris of south America but it does have fewer tourists than say BA and the beaches are close by.

Spent the next two nights here in Monty and visited the city by day and the bars by night. The evenings don't usually start to get busy until around midnight but the sleepless flights made sure i was in bed early. The beaches are beautiful, the whole of Monty is a little run down but its a place to visit if you have the time. There are some small and comfortable parks to visits.

The Mercado del Puerto (Port Market), otherwise known as "The Meat Market" is located just outside the port gates and tends to be the most popular place to eat. The building was originally built by the British as a railway station but it was never used as such. Here there are many BBQ cooking a variety of meats, you pick, they cook, you eat. Lots of food for a very small price. Its good to get back on the protein only diet again and to start to converse in Spanish again even though i am only at the basic level. The ship sets sail the next day so time to buy some Uruguayan wine for celebrations and birthdays at Halley.


Jon said...

Neil did you fall down a flight of stairs and get into a fight while pissed in Monty? I can't believe I gave you a reference for your BAS job.

Salsaspice said...

Hi there
Great pix!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to hear more of your adventures!!
Take care and remember to dance with the penguins ;-)

Jackie x

lainyathome said...

hi bro
some great pics, what is this all about a fight in monty. well it is nice to see what you been upto. take care and hope to see some more exciting pics

elaine x

Pearl said...

hi neil
Fantastic pics! so good to hear from you.. I'm about to have another baby - due 5th jan so sorry havent been in touch! as always i send you my love and a big big hug!!
Pearl xxx