Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Nights on the Ernest shackleton

The Ernest Shackleton.


A night at the races for charity. We raised over £400 for the charity event. The spectators involved a sumo wrestler, a couple of jockeys, an Arabian sheik, the Queen, a vet and many other horse going characters all dressed in their finery.

A win at last !! One of two that was achieved on the night!!

The horses in all their glory get ready to cross the finish line.


The doctor enjoying a relaxing moment at the cocktail evening. Not everyone had brought along their favourite shirts for the occasion but the doctor did not disappoint.

More cocktails at hand, James the Halley chippy with Dave the met fid. Mixing of drinks is definitely not a good idea aboard a floating vessel in the southern seas.


A civilised wine and cheese evening that carried on until the early hours of the morning.


americanguhl said...

who are these folks? and where do they come from? so amazing to see such an unfamiliar place. and you are quite the photographer, good fellow. is it more fun than you thought it would be?

bruffonthebrunt said...

most of these people will be staying at Halley for the summer and some will stay for the winter as well. Do you want me to send you anymore info?

americanguhl said...

yes! to satisfy my immense curiosity! ...but only if its not a burden. and i really want a whale bone.

bruffonthebrunt said...

let me know what you are upto this cmas etc by email and i'll send you info. Whale bones not so easy to come by

kayos said...

Hi Neil,
Hope you have a happy, healthy and certainly a very different Christmas! Try to avoid seals who like to give 'love bites'
Kay x

cheesy_pete2 said...
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